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      At the heart of Betty D’s, we’re all about giving. We are deeply rooted in our cause and share a bond with those who are living with alopecia. And because giving is in our DNA and interwoven in our values and our hearts, we know that we can show you how we pay it forward better than we can tell you.



      We stand in allegiance with the incredible efforts done by the National Alopecia Areata Foundation, Australia Alopecia Areata Foundation and Children’s Alopecia Project by submitting monthly donations to support their dedication to finding a cure for alopecia and standing alongside those who suffer from it. 

      Similar to the core values of Betty D's, these organizations support research to find a cure or acceptable treatment for alopecia and are committed to educating communities about the disease.

      It is our duty and greatest honor to donate to these incredible organizations.

      Sponsor A Child

      Alopecia is scary for all of us, but it’s even more frightening for young children. By standing with us as we offer gift giveaways to children and families with alopecia, you can be a part of the healing from the inside.

      By Sponsoring A Child, you are gifting a child and their family with an ensemble of curated gifts handpicked and personalized by the Betty D’s team. Items include an array of items in our store, in addition to items made for a child that has been nominated by a family.

      Our Sponsor A Child program is designed to give a little love to our little ones and the support systems that rally behind them. In being part of this program and signing on to adopt a child, you are not only gifting curated items that give visibility to alopecia, you are giving hope, spreading kindness, and showing love. Be a part of a family today by giving the gift that money can’t buy — hope. Join us by emailing info@bettyds.com


      Nominate A Child 

      If you are a parent or family member of a child with alopecia, nominate your child by emailing info@bettyds.com. A member of the Betty D’s team will connect with you once you’ve been matched with a sponsor and introduce you to the program with details and next steps.

      Prom Stipend 

      We’d bet a dollar that almost everyone remembers their high school dance. If we were lucky enough to attend or be asked to at least one during our glory days, we’d have our own unique stories to tell. Whether it was a night to remember or one we’d rather forget, these dances are memories that we’ll never forget.

      This prom season, we'd like to make prom a little sweeter by opening our wallets and chipping in. We will select 1-2 much-deserving high school students living with alopecia or a condition leading to hair loss to receive our prom stipend. This stipend will be honored to go towards dance expenses including a dress or tuxedo, corsage, and making sure that our winning students can enjoy the glitz, glam, and dapper joy of prom this school year.

      So, with great pleasure, our Betty D's team would like to ask a very extraordinary question.

      Students, will you go to prom with us?


      Holiday Giveaway

      Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donner, Blitzen, and Betty D's? Santa gave us a call to let us know that Rudolph is taking a break this holiday season and the North Pole needs a hand.

      We're not a fan of picking favorites, but the holiday season will always bring us joy, and cheer, of course. Each year, we're committed to rounding up our (internal) team of reindeer to stuff stockings for the holidays.

      Similar to our Sponsor A Child program, you may nominate your family to be selected for a curated box of holiday gifts. We select 1 special family each year and will announce the details of the giveaway this Fall.