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      Finding A Health Professional

      Please seek a qualified medical professional, including a pediatrician, doctor, or dermatologist to discuss symptoms, seek diagnosis, and treatment options for your alopecia and hair loss-related questions or concerns. Medical personnel have expertise in these areas of study and are trained to recognize common symptoms and treatment options. 

      If you need help finding a health care provider in your area, please contact the National Alopecia Awareness Foundation (NAAF) office by phone, (415) 472-3780, or by emailNAAF keeps a list of medical professionals in the U.S. who are experienced in diagnosing and treating alopecia areata. 

      For help finding a pediatric dermatology specialist for your child, you can also use the Find a Pediatric Dermatologist Search provided by the Society for Pediatric Dermatology.


        Please note that Betty D's is not a medical professional. We act as a resource to provide you with the best resources to understand and treat your alopecia.