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      • Look at your last few text messages. Rewrite one of them into a longer letter to that person.
      • Put yourself 20 years in the future. Write a letter to your future self with questions and predictions.
      • Think about your first crush or love. Write them the letter you wish you’d sent.
      • Think of your hair as a person. Write a letter to it and tell it how you feel.
      • What would you say to a childhood bully if you could? Write a letter to them.
      • Write a breakup letter to a bad habit.
      • Write a letter from someone else to you. What do you need to hear from them?
      • Write a letter of forgiveness to an enemy.
      • Write a letter to someone you’ve lost.
      • Write a letter to your past.
      • Write a letter to your teenage self.
      • Write a note to a teacher who inspired you. How have you used their lessons in your current life?
      • Write a sincere letter to someone you need to forgive. Even if it’s yourself.
      • Write a thank you letter to your biggest supporter.
      • Write a thank you letter to your body.