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      • What area of your life needs the most growth and how are you working on that?
      • Are holding grudges? Write them down and let them go.
      • Are you living to your full potential? If not, why?
      • How do you want to contribute your talents and passions to the world? Who could be touched by you and how would it affect them?
      • Finish this sentence: If I could talk to my teenage self, the one thing I would say is...
      • Make a list of everything that inspires you — from books to websites to quotes to people to paintings to stores to the stars.
      • Something you have been avoiding and why?
      • Finish this sentence: The words I’d like to live by are…
      • What are 3 characteristics you would like to possess?
      • What can you learn from your biggest mistakes?
      • What do you believe are some strengths?
      • What lessons did you take from your regrets?
      • What mistakes have you made in the past that prevent you from trying new things? What if you decided to ‘try better’ by using the wisdom you gained from those experiences?
      • What new thing did you try today? How did you overcome your fear?
      • What’s holding you back from pursuing your dreams? What would it take to overcome that obstacle?
      • What is a topic that you need to learn more about to help you live a more fulfilling and successful life? (Then learn about it.)