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      • Describe LOVE using all five senses. How can you apply this to yourself?
      • Do you feel lovable?
      • Have you complimented yourself today? (No? Do it now!)
      • How do you feel you are perceived by others?
      • How would you describe yourself to a stranger?
      • How would your life be different if you felt comfortable being yourself at all times?
      • Finish this statement: I feel happiest in my skin when...
      • What are some things that you wish others knew about you?
      • Finish this statement: If my body could talk, it would say...
      • Make a list of everything you’d like to say no to.
      • Make a list of everything you’d like to say yes to.
      • Name a compassionate way you’ve supported a friend recently. Then write down how you can do the same for yourself.
      • Describe yourself using 10 words.
      • What are 7 things that bring you a sense of peace? How can you incorporate them into your daily life?
      • What do you wear when you feel good? Can you wear those clothes more often?
      • What has been the best part of your life so far? How did it make you feel positive about yourself?
      • What is one activity that cheers you up, no matter what? How can you do this more often?
      • What is the best compliment you’ve ever gotten? How did it make you feel?
      • What is one compliment you often get that always surprises you or that you have a difficult time accepting?
      • What is your best inner quality?
      • What is your best physical quality?
      • What makes you special?
      • What things about yourself do you feel that someone who just met you would like?
      • What would you do if you loved yourself unconditionally? How can you act on these things whether you do or don’t?
      • Finish this statement: When I’m in pain — physical or emotional — the kindest thing I can do for myself is…
      • Who are your role models? What qualities do you have in common with them?
      • Why do you deserve to love yourself?
      • Write a pep talk you can give yourself the next time you’re having a bad day.


      • What does the word ‘confidence’ mean to you?
      • Picture yourself as a confident person. Describe a typical day. How would you act or dress differently?
      • When do you feel the most confident and capable?
      • What songs always make you feel confident?
      • When you want to feel more confident, what do you do?
      • What would you STOP doing if you were a more confident person?